Internet Security, Content Filtering, VPN, IDS, Mail-Filtering

Wi-Fi Hotspot Model

Run your own secure WiFi Hotspot, separate from your core network. Much better and more professional than an open WiFi network.

Other Services:

Inter-networking and best-use consultancy, security policies for on and off-site, managed firewall and intrusion detection services, computer servers and security penetration testing, and website/webserver integrity checking.

Managed Firewall Services

The best way to secure your systems is by using a managed firewall service. Protect against unauthorised access, (D)DOS attacks and other threats.

Online Risk Reduction

Any computer connected to the internet runs the risk of intrusion, infection and data theft from hackers and malware from unseen 'drive-by-downloads'.

Security Consultancy

Accredited Information Security Awareness and Internet Security services include: - Internetworking and best use consultancy - Security policies for both on and off site computers - Managed firewall and Intrusion Detection services - Computer servers and security penetration testing - Website/webserver integrity checking